VERN.WORLD is critical futures scenario and film concept set in Toronto suburb, Malvern in 2040. 

VERN was created by Asia Clarke in partnership with From Later. Photography by Anthony Gebrehiwot. Research and worldbuilding by Asia Clarke, Megan Prosper, Robert Bolton, Udit Vira, Macy Siu, Erica Whyte, and Valdis Silins. Illustration by Bianca Weeko Martin. Website by Strike Design Studio.

Dig into the world, characters, and artifacts of VERN.WORLD.

“In the years following the ‘defund’ movement, police budgets were slowly redirected to mental health services, community therapy programs, and STEM education in priority neighbourhoods. The Perpetration-Risk External Evaluation (PREE) system, a so-called community watch program, took over the physical police presence in communities. Beneath the veneer of calm suburban safety and incoming gentrification, there remains an unsettling vibe in Malvern. Kadeem feels it — the residual energy of unresolved vendettas, the somatic heft of trauma carried over generations, and the persistent weight of surveillance.”

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